Aug. 7th, 2007

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Tuesday I saw the bank production it was an excuse to meet up with some long missed friends as much as to see what they were doing this year.

Almost Haunted left me a little blank it was funny in places but they almost didn't play it up enough. I would have liked them to be even more over the top impressions of their parts or very serious as the balance wasn't quite there all the time. The air head heiress was good as was the over the top agent and as always Charlie stole the show by just walking on state. Not as sure about the weird head of the company or they producer they lacked something to push the character into the extreme. Got a chance to catch up with my friend and PA mentor Finn who I haven't seen in about a year over a non alcoholic cocktail in Bar Kohl a really good vodka bar.

Killed a little time in Starbucks on George Street drink one of their oversize mugs of coffee and thinking over everything I had seen so far before bumbling off to see Rich Hall. He was his usually cutting edge self. His take on the whole 72 Virgin was it was actually a 72 year old man called Virgin that would offer them soup. He also talked about the leaders in the USA but did make a point he was getting bored with Bush and he was leaving in a year anyway. He also talked to a few of the audience members worked. I like his view of the world and so tend to find it very easy to laugh at him.


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