Aug. 10th, 2007

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My annual trip to see the Shakespeare for Breakfast didn't disappoint this year they did Carry on up the Avon taking the usual odd mix of characters in a modern day situation and just play around. This year it was a plane crash in the spooky woods with Macbeth, King Lear, Hamlet, Nurse and Cleopatra all being played with by Puk. I felt a little sorry for King Lear who's walking stick was a little on the short side. The nurse was very good a stereotypical blond all bouncy and bubbling.

I really like the way they mix real Shakespeare speeches with tongue in cheek acting. I haven't seen King Lear yet so I didn't recognise any of his parts but the others were easy to place.
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I have been busy the last couple of weeks. The fringe stuff has taken up most of the time since Thursday. Rather than have a whole long rambling review here I have back dated all my shows to the date seen and I will put links here.

I got myself an insane journal as a back up. I will move everything over there when I can work out how to.

Besides that I went to London last week as part of works new programme to take out that is not necessary. It was really good to sit in a room with people who do the same sort of work as me at many different levels. I picked up a few good tips about getting things done faster and made some new contacts that have helped me find more work. It also reminded me how much I enjoy flying travelling that fast watching the scene change below you. Work in general is a bit on the quiet side at the moment but working to change that.

Today I had two fillings done earlier today and I have just got all the feeling back in my lower jaw. It is the oddest think in the world to loose all the feeling in one side of your face inside and out.

As promised links to reviews

Tease with a Twist
Mitch Benn
Daniel Kitson
Two for One
Almost Haunted & Rich Hall
John Hegley & The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britian
Shakespeare for Breakfast


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