Mar. 10th, 2007

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Every bus I have got on this week has had a poster for something called Resurrection 07 with the tag line take easter back from the bunny. I think the Christian's have forgotten the bunny well actually the Hare was there first and the celebration was a fertility right.

I am in a very happy mode today after years of being dizzy for no reason I finally have a reason and maybe a treatment. I went to the neurologist today and after talking for about 20 minutes he explained the most likely cause of the dizziness and its associated symptoms is atypical migraines. There were lots of figures quoted about how typical migraines are and then a few more about this type of problem. I am 1 in 1000 case for some reason after my head has spent a couple of days trying to split itself apart it doesn't seem to know how to put itself right again. So treatment should start in about 10 days and I will go back to the neurologist again in a couple of months. He is keep to keep an eye on me, which is always nice to know.

Otherwise life is rather quiet at the moment. I took a really great ramble home this morning through lots of green spaces in the city and now a VSO party is just winding down beyond my door.

I have a cold but hopefully it will be gone in a few days.


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