Aug. 6th, 2007

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Monday was maniacally busy day after finally getting to bed around 2am. I did a full day of work before starting a night on the fringe. My high light so far was the first Monday show The Penny Dreadfuls It was recommended we sat at or near the front as some the the scenes happened on the ground. The four boys/men Humphrey, David, Jamie and Tom were just side split-tingly funny. They played off each other really well. Such scenes as Specimen 626 and flying achieved by two of the cast piggy backing had me laughing so hard my sides hurt and I still couldn't stop. Was also impressed at the professionalism in a couple of scene where I am sure no one would have blamed them for loosing it. I did feel slightly sorry for Humphrey when a mistimed slap caught him across the cheek but he had a wonderful come back. I would like to go back to this show again. Also got another free badge.

Raced off to see Jo Caulfield Goes to Hell. A show ere she lists all the major things that annoyed her. I had heard her on radio 4 but her live show was even better. I agree with her point about Clinton Cards. I also liked her idea of how to put off suicide bombers of 72 OAP virgins on offer in heaved. Got a free greeting card from this show for "Go to hell day" which she decided was 15th September.

I ended with Reginald D Hunter F*uck you in the age of consequence. He is a serious potty mouth but it fits well with his act and his larger that life stage presence. He is a very tall board man who last time I saw him was the headline act at a Thursday night stand show. The venue was much bigger but that just seemed to allow him to spread more. He was the most dirty minded focused comedian I have seen so far. I like a bit of smut and barefacedness. He has no problem talking about himself and his situation in life making jokes about what he had seen and done.


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