Sep. 27th, 2007

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Today has been very busy started at "The Peak" and ended with toast and coffee in my hotel room.

The Peak is one of the highest easily accessible points on the island. I was very lucky it was a clear day so I got a very good view all around the island from the top of the building. I spent a happy hour wandering around looking at all the exciting things up there. I spotted the perfect house just next to the rain track that runs between street level and the peak which is an almost vertical track.

After that I took myself off to Ocean Bay the local theme park with Sharks, Jelly Fish and Sea Lions mixed in with the rides. I am a great fan of jelly fish they were really well lit up in the display cabinets with changing coloured lights. Took many photos of them as the lights cycled.

The end of the day saw me at the Temple Street Market which is a weird and wonderful place full of all sorts of bargains. I spent I think about 20 pounds and bought 2 t-shirts one a ferrie red one, Liz's piece of weird tata, a new purse and two watches. All of these i got to practice my barging skills which was fun.

I forgot to post last night that I was at the show of lights on the harbour front. I intend to go back tomorrow to take more pictures from the view point of the avenue of stars.

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Two random photos one is where I am staying the other is one of my favourite posters on the MRT it was the first one I saw and keeps making me laugh.

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