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I have always like improvised comedy and Paul Merton has been one of my comedy heros for a long time so combining the two was always a big hit. He and the rest of the company where on really good form. They performed some great sketches including Suki Webster using water to cover her fellow players. Jim Sweeney made up an interesting song about not being thrown out of a hot air balloon which based on the idea he was in a wheel chair.

They took several suggestions from the audience being rather fair to make sure not just the loudest voices got heard.
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Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis were a great afternoon tonic. They were only doing two shows this year and the venue was full to the gills. The weather made the whole room hot and sweaty.

I have only seen these two once on stage as the front of men of The Now Show on their own they were a lot funnier. The first part of their show was dedicated to various retelling of the old joke "Why did the chicken cross the road". I admire Steve Punt so much for being able to keep on going while Hugh Dennis was doing his physical comedy in the background anything from his well known Velociraptor to a drunk man with a map. He was beaten in the end by Steve's pointing out we were living on an island on the map. They also talked about other gigs they have done. Another very funny show.

On the way out we met Reginald D Hunter who was doing a piece in Nicholas Parsons show.
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I have been busy the last couple of weeks. The fringe stuff has taken up most of the time since Thursday. Rather than have a whole long rambling review here I have back dated all my shows to the date seen and I will put links here.

I got myself an insane journal as a back up. I will move everything over there when I can work out how to.

Besides that I went to London last week as part of works new programme to take out that is not necessary. It was really good to sit in a room with people who do the same sort of work as me at many different levels. I picked up a few good tips about getting things done faster and made some new contacts that have helped me find more work. It also reminded me how much I enjoy flying travelling that fast watching the scene change below you. Work in general is a bit on the quiet side at the moment but working to change that.

Today I had two fillings done earlier today and I have just got all the feeling back in my lower jaw. It is the oddest think in the world to loose all the feeling in one side of your face inside and out.

As promised links to reviews

Tease with a Twist
Mitch Benn
Daniel Kitson
Two for One
Almost Haunted & Rich Hall
John Hegley & The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britian
Shakespeare for Breakfast
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My annual trip to see the Shakespeare for Breakfast didn't disappoint this year they did Carry on up the Avon taking the usual odd mix of characters in a modern day situation and just play around. This year it was a plane crash in the spooky woods with Macbeth, King Lear, Hamlet, Nurse and Cleopatra all being played with by Puk. I felt a little sorry for King Lear who's walking stick was a little on the short side. The nurse was very good a stereotypical blond all bouncy and bubbling.

I really like the way they mix real Shakespeare speeches with tongue in cheek acting. I haven't seen King Lear yet so I didn't recognise any of his parts but the others were easy to place.
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Finally I got a half day off work so I could see John Hegley's afternoon poetry show. His show always multi level with a few old favourites such as Luton Bungalow but also many new poems along with a new song about his grandfather joining the American National Guard. He also read a couple of his poems that have been changed when published in America that made some of the rhymes no longer work. He also had his swing back this year luckily no one was sitting directly in the way when he started to swing.

Another musical show in the evening The Ukuelele Orchestra of Great Britain As the name suggests they are a band who all play a range of tunes on their Ukuleles including one of the them who places a very large base Ukulele. Some of the tunes were sung in the round which were amazing to hear six people all sing different songs all in perfect harmony. I already had a CD of theirs and will probably get more songs soon.
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Tuesday I saw the bank production it was an excuse to meet up with some long missed friends as much as to see what they were doing this year.

Almost Haunted left me a little blank it was funny in places but they almost didn't play it up enough. I would have liked them to be even more over the top impressions of their parts or very serious as the balance wasn't quite there all the time. The air head heiress was good as was the over the top agent and as always Charlie stole the show by just walking on state. Not as sure about the weird head of the company or they producer they lacked something to push the character into the extreme. Got a chance to catch up with my friend and PA mentor Finn who I haven't seen in about a year over a non alcoholic cocktail in Bar Kohl a really good vodka bar.

Killed a little time in Starbucks on George Street drink one of their oversize mugs of coffee and thinking over everything I had seen so far before bumbling off to see Rich Hall. He was his usually cutting edge self. His take on the whole 72 Virgin was it was actually a 72 year old man called Virgin that would offer them soup. He also talked about the leaders in the USA but did make a point he was getting bored with Bush and he was leaving in a year anyway. He also talked to a few of the audience members worked. I like his view of the world and so tend to find it very easy to laugh at him.
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Monday was maniacally busy day after finally getting to bed around 2am. I did a full day of work before starting a night on the fringe. My high light so far was the first Monday show The Penny Dreadfuls It was recommended we sat at or near the front as some the the scenes happened on the ground. The four boys/men Humphrey, David, Jamie and Tom were just side split-tingly funny. They played off each other really well. Such scenes as Specimen 626 and flying achieved by two of the cast piggy backing had me laughing so hard my sides hurt and I still couldn't stop. Was also impressed at the professionalism in a couple of scene where I am sure no one would have blamed them for loosing it. I did feel slightly sorry for Humphrey when a mistimed slap caught him across the cheek but he had a wonderful come back. I would like to go back to this show again. Also got another free badge.

Raced off to see Jo Caulfield Goes to Hell. A show ere she lists all the major things that annoyed her. I had heard her on radio 4 but her live show was even better. I agree with her point about Clinton Cards. I also liked her idea of how to put off suicide bombers of 72 OAP virgins on offer in heaved. Got a free greeting card from this show for "Go to hell day" which she decided was 15th September.

I ended with Reginald D Hunter F*uck you in the age of consequence. He is a serious potty mouth but it fits well with his act and his larger that life stage presence. He is a very tall board man who last time I saw him was the headline act at a Thursday night stand show. The venue was much bigger but that just seemed to allow him to spread more. He was the most dirty minded focused comedian I have seen so far. I like a bit of smut and barefacedness. He has no problem talking about himself and his situation in life making jokes about what he had seen and done.
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Sunday I saw a comedian I had never heard of but his show had already sold out and Liz rated him very highly. I don't know how to describe Daniel Kitson he was a very down to earth and obviously somewhere in Yorkshire probably close to my home town. He talked to things that touched memories in me, maybe not always funny but warm and comfortable. Fire works on the cricket grounds to like Parkin (a weird heavy ginger cake). He also make me wish to go visit a beach near Liverpool that has metal figures in the sand that get covered at high tide. It felt like he was sharing a secret with just me instead of a busy Sunday night fringe crowd.
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Friday night was a complete change of pace seeing the very talented Mitch Benn and his band. I have heard many Mitch Benn songs on the Now Show but never on their own one after another. He came on to the Mr Benn theme music which I think was just so funny. His band were distracting actrative his new drummer was a tall good looking dark man and Kirsty Newton I think would look good in a sack, but they just became part of the background when Mitch started to sing. The songs are not just funny because of the words but he also does impressions of the singers style as he sings about them.

I really liked "Happy Birthday War" and "I might just have to murder James Blunt." He also talked briefly about being a dad and made up a song on the spot about House Insurance Rising. After the show I bought a CD which he signed and got the first of my collection of badges for this year.
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My first show of the fringe was an unexpected late addition and unexpected addition. Tease with a Twist was spotted by Liz and suggested as we are still searching for a Brusquest Show to equal the wonderful Go Go Burlesco. Being such a late addition meant seeing it either early or late we decided on early. It was a good show but the scenes were a little long. The three dancers were all curvy real women and they danced they obviously knew how to move but some of the stopping to talk parts lost the energy. I am sure that the talking part will get better with more runs through but I would rather see a fan dance or other classic Burlesque art.
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gagged from [livejournal.com profile] lt_black_fire

I have been catching up on the Harry Potter films at the moment with Liz and Patrick. I have not read any of the books and missed the first two movies so seeing them was really interesting. I have no real insterest in the booksI could never get into them but I have friends who enjoy them and having them around when you are watching is good because they can fill in the gaps.

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From [livejournal.com profile] sasha_b

1. Leave me a comment saying anything random, like your favourite lyric to your current favourite song. Or your favorite kind of sandwich. Something random. Whatever you like.
2. I'll respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better.
3. Update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. Include this explanation and offer to ask someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be asked, you will ask them five questions.

[livejournal.com profile] sasha_b questions to me:

1. Did you see King Arthur in the movie theater, or rent it when you first saw it?
I first saw King Arthur in the movie theatre it was around the time I got my unlimited cinema pass so was seeing everything possible. I was instantly attracted to the chemistry between Arthur and Lancelot.

2. What's your favorite book?
My favourite book is very hard to pick the book I would recommend everyone reads is The Secret History by Donna Tartt.

3. Tea or coffee?
Coffee really good, strong coffee made fresh from my La Pavoi coffee maker.

4. Where would you choose to live in the world other than where you are?
Tough choice I love Edinburgh so much. I would love to see so much of the world. I hope one day to relocate to Japan the Far East has a really strong pull for me. If I had to move tomorrow it would be Paris, France.

5. Dogs or cats?
I would love a cat but I am allergic I just once in a while get to cat sit for friends. I am also very easily adopted by cats.


Jul. 3rd, 2007 03:28 pm
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The sort the post man brings. I know have my Time Out Guide to Hong Kong so I can start planning all the things I want to see and The History Boys on DVD. I was so excited to get both of them. I really loved the film and this is the last part of my pre planning needs catered for so role on September I am now offically ready for my holiday.
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Your Score: Androgynous

You scored 56 masculinity and 60 femininity!

You scored high on both masculinity and femininity. You have a strong personality exhibiting characteristics of both traditional sex roles.

Link: The Bem Sex Role Inventory Test written by weirdscience on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test

I baked

May. 13th, 2007 06:41 pm
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I am impressed I managed to make cakes. I still can't get my Victoria Sponge to rise as much as I would like so I cut it out into smaller pieces and made mini cake.

Here are a few pictures.Read more... )
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Here are the pictures that I have taken from this years with the help of Hamish.


May. 2nd, 2007 06:16 pm
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May. 1st, 2007 10:06 pm
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A short write up I need my sleep after yesterdays adventures. Beltane up on Carlton Hill is was fun and beautiful. Was joined in my fun by Hamish, Liz, Justin, Patrick, Hamish and Ros. It was Ros' first adventure with us. I think I can speak for all had a wonderful night.

We made some interesting new friends the Recycling Clowns while being entertained by a couple of red men. The usual mix of friendly and likeable characters mixed in the night.

Highlights of the night included a run away giant cock on wheels, the air part of the procession (which I had never seen before), a very giggly Hamish and just a magical night all round.


Apr. 14th, 2007 04:45 pm
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I will write but here are some pretty pictures of Edinburgh over the last week.

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Every bus I have got on this week has had a poster for something called Resurrection 07 with the tag line take easter back from the bunny. I think the Christian's have forgotten the bunny well actually the Hare was there first and the celebration was a fertility right.

I am in a very happy mode today after years of being dizzy for no reason I finally have a reason and maybe a treatment. I went to the neurologist today and after talking for about 20 minutes he explained the most likely cause of the dizziness and its associated symptoms is atypical migraines. There were lots of figures quoted about how typical migraines are and then a few more about this type of problem. I am 1 in 1000 case for some reason after my head has spent a couple of days trying to split itself apart it doesn't seem to know how to put itself right again. So treatment should start in about 10 days and I will go back to the neurologist again in a couple of months. He is keep to keep an eye on me, which is always nice to know.

Otherwise life is rather quiet at the moment. I took a really great ramble home this morning through lots of green spaces in the city and now a VSO party is just winding down beyond my door.

I have a cold but hopefully it will be gone in a few days.
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