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Birthdate:Sep 10
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Most of the entries on this journal are friends locked because it is my life I am talking about and I am sure it would bore most people to tears. I leave unlocked and will continue to do so my travels around the world and anything else I think people in general will enjoy. If you want to friend me after reading those please feel free.

I live one of the most beautiful cities I have yet had the pleasure to explore, Edinburgh. It constantly surprises me. I've been in Scotland for since 1995 I love the country in general Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Skye hold soft spots for me. I have also started to explore more of the top part of Scotland and the West side Tomich in the spring was magical.

My adventuring side leads me to holidays usual on my own to both near and far. I hope one day to say I have seen all of the European Capitals. I am a long way off yet. I have got sidetracked in Italy going to several of its cities rather than just stopping at Rome.

Credit for the icon of the watchmen comedian cat_o_wen a maker of amazing icons.

The fairy Icon comes from comment on a Meme by elistaire She is Copyright Meilin Wong

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adventuring, american soft rock, arthur/lancelot, bighand, books, computers, driving my car, edinburgh, europe, exploring, fanfiction, farmers market stuff, friends pictures, good coffee, hornblower, movies, new york, odd movies, original fiction, other peoples lives, photos of interesting buildings, purple, sharpe, small dark places, the elephant house, travel, undiscovered things, venice, whitby
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