Oct. 14th, 2006 12:00 pm
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Every so often I need to flex my brain in a different way so I find an exercise either online or something a friend has mentioned and sit down to write. This piece was done in a lunch time at work to make my mind of things.

The exercise was to write something in the style of a ChickLit opening in 10 minutes. This is what I produced.

Is there a scale of screw-ups? It was a good question to ponder while she drank her current glass of wine. You shouldn't drink at lunchtime it gives a bad impression but she had the feeling nothing was going to change today so drinking was probably for the best.

There are days when you should trust your gut when it tell you don't get out of bed. She had decided that before ordering the second glass of wine. There was nothing truly life ending wrong with today but it was all the little things that added up to make today the worst she could remember in a long time.

She had not meant to doze back off after the early alarm she had set so she could shower after putting off last night so she could watch an other hour of TV. She had not meant to spill the milk on the counter instead of into her cup as she tried to get her caffeine depleted body to function, but both had just happened. So instead of walking out the house in a calm collected manner ready to face the world she flew out of the door hair still wet and
the kitchen in a state she would have to apologies for when she saw her flat mates that night.

So running late but would probably just catch the bus she decided as she slipped on the wet pavement leaving a new bruise but worst still a wonderful wet greasy mark down her cream trousers. No time to go back and change just get to work she would be sat at her desk all day so no one would see the
mark. She hurried on thankfully the driver must have seen her fall and decided to wait or the bus was running late as well.

She wasn't really that late a few minutes 10 at the most and usually she was the first in the office so no one would notice she was not as well turned out as she could be. Today however just to make sure there was no glimmer of hope of it getting better she opened the door to the office to find the lights already on and her boss sitting in front of her PC already hard at work. She glanced up at the clock and then back to the figure walking through the door who muttered a quick good morning and apology before sitting down to her PC wondering of the chances that it would simple burst into flames when she turned it on.
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This piece will have a companion piece about getting the job called "First run on the ladder" but being a bad writer this one came to me first.

When someone closes a door you should really consider jumping out of the Window
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Poem first

May. 23rd, 2004 06:20 pm
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I think my resent studies of Sylvia Plath and Virginia Woolf have quiet profoundly influenced my poetry writing its a lot darker and generally slightly sinister than my main body of writing. I'm impressed as I never really through I could write poetry at all and maybe if this is the result I still can't.

Dreams of the dead

Bring not your tears to the graveside,
I wish not to be remember that way,
Bring memories of the happy time we shared,
Laugh at the long cherished jokes and remember where first heard,
Lift up my soul and yours with ideas of happy times,
Remember me with love as I regarded you in life.

Last one

Apr. 16th, 2004 10:13 am
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Well its Friday and I'm facing the first Monday in a long time without a job. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I have complained bitterly that this job didn't offer me what I was looking for in the sense of responsibilities and respect but it did give me a challenge to learn new things and a feeling of real achievements every time we finished a daily report. Fate may be kind enough to allow me to come back here in a few days time. I finally managed to contact my agency handler and she was first off shocked nobody had told her I was leaving (I had left messages) and very sorry she had not met me before and then told me she had an opening for the same grade in another department and I should have no problem going forward for it.

Last night the office minor the toddler and winged-torn face went out for drinks. The bigboss had already announced he was taking today off as nothing really happens the Friday before TPTB come back. He told us all about his plans for today to go whisky tasting and seeing friends. I got a wonderful card and an unexpected voucher for Fopp which I'm looking forward to spending. In general as this last week has progress I've felt more valued and better about the job I have done.

I've also currently got a scene going round in my head I'm sure I've borrowed from somewhere else.

"The half light filter down through the broken glass onto the twisted body below. All warmth head left the room several hours ago and now each shallow breath crystallised just beyond the mouth as a white puff. A longer breath drifted round the face then nothing.
The sun warmed the earth around and finally the broken window was noticed and the police summoned but it was to late for the broken unnamed form laying it the broken glass. The papers speculated it was a homeless man looking for somewhere to spend the night or a teenager looking for a party site. What ever his reasons for being there the body lay unnamed, unclaimed and uncared for, finally pushed into an unmarked grave."

Exceptional dark but I’m glad the words are flowing again, the last few weeks of job hunting seemed to have robbed me of the writing energy I'm glad its back again in any form.

Update day

Mar. 8th, 2004 11:33 am
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Yes Monday has rolled round again and I find I still have employment so I've gone off to work. I'm actually glad to be out of the house this morning, not normal for a Monday but explainable. The internet connection died yesterday afternoon so now new email, no exciting people to chat to and no new stuff to read. I will admit a minor addiction to the net its not pretty but just one of those fact of life, this leads to a minor obsession to find a good provider. The latest one V21 are not a bad provider the offer a good number of hours and long periods between kick off. They have been like most of the providers very good for the first six months then it all falls apart. I think I have better luck trying to fix it this time because I’ve just check in with the tracker and it say only 82 out of the 250 people need to register have done so, so I think that means we still have a couple more years before broadband finds us.

The weekend despite the lack of internet access was quiet acceptable. Friday was the usual crowd plus a couple of new additions Malcolm (friend of Liz) and Frank (friend of Patrick). We started in The Last Drop as a new place to try the food. Better curry than less time although super heated so I lost my sense of taste after the first bite. Unfortunate for reasons best now to the bar staff they felt the need to turn the volume of the music up to an untalkable over level just after 7:30 and they don’t do cocktails so my favourite choices of drink where completely out. We decided a quick exit was needed so ran up to Grey friars Bobby. For the time of night it was rather crowded and the only seats were next to a very drunk retirement party. This was uncomfortable for so many reason not least the wandering hands of the guest of honour who was sitting behind me. Every time he felt up the women who had come to talk his hand misplaced itself on my shoulder eventually he grabbed why chest and I elbowed the girl who is was trying to grope in the thigh. I got away a lot lighter than Patrick before he fled to meet Frank at Favourit. Anyway the usual Friday trip to the improverts was entertaining. I think I can now confirm that Humphrey has prop joy and that probably converts to some form of gadget joy. He was obsessed with using the props left on stage from the previous play and some of the other seemed happy to help out. My only wish is that they would start with some game other them MacGyver it doesn’t seen to work very well when the audience aren’t warmed up or maybe I’ve only ever seen it on slow days. After the improverts we decided not to risk going back to the bobby so settled on Whistle Binkies. I think the earlier bad start had set my mood as melancholy so finding somewhere I couldn’t really hear what anyone else was saying I turned introvert and had a creative few minutes.

This is the result :-
World of fear and emptiness
Life of half lived always running in fear
Not blind, just no longer seeing falling into the dark void
Muffled sounds of sobs deadened by the hard heart
Icy reach of drugged sleep
Alcohol dead, waking the nightmare of the half light
Cry not for my physical death the mind long realm you can reach
Love what you knew as I discard the empty shell
Fly free once more

Oh for the joy of the warm rain, the soft Autumn light
The sound of your laughter echoing in the hall
All long gone
I enter the winter alone


For the harsh words forgive me
The lingering looks of the green eye excuse
For gripping so hard you slipped straight through understand me
As beauty you saw through the beast I am grateful
As I sit here watching you walk away grant me the strength to continue.


The laughter of children mixed with the song of birds,
Welcome light come fill the bones again,
The dead dance over the school yard,
Rebirth comes to this world again

Rejoice in the world above,
Push flowers show your colours
Bud cherry trees, litter the floor with pink confetti
Embrace lovers renew your bonds skip happy into the day.
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I'm trying to had to behave this week. I've failed so instead I've tried to fall of my chair as I read Dr Jackson dairy

My own entry should read. Coffee 3 (Very impressive) chocolate bars 0 (but two cups of hot chocolate as I'm cold as hell in here) inappropriate images 35 (bad mind) Death wishes against other people 4 (and counting)

Got up far to early after house cleaning yesterday. The upstairs is now very tide and I hope it stays that way for a while. I'm hoping that the forest tonight has its coffee machine working again so I can stock up for party at Liz's tonight.

This week in general has been rather busy. Most of the busy and stress not of my making, new system is about to go live next week unfortunately they forgot to inform this side of the desk about this minor fact. The PTB have been rather well behaved on the whole including several phone calls to apologies in person for making me extra work.

As said above have a party to go to tonight at Liz's so improverts this week save myself for more next week. We get to meet another of Liz's ex-flatmates looking forward to that.

I've become paranoid about pot holes on the way home after the pothole + lexie = 2 new tyres. The resent weather conditions haven't helped this situation driving Patrick's car home tonight he has real tyres so not as much worry. Its been cold and snowy here, weather reports for the weekend list temperatures as low as -10 degrees C which is too cold to think about for long with wishing for extra people in the bed to warm it for me. I intend in general to sleep this week long and late at least on Saturday then I'm going to drag myself out of bed consider getting dressed and writing. I also have travel arrangements to make and hotels in Nodnol to book.

The wonderful Lora who is now in Spain (where its raining) was on the email earlier in the week I've tried to repost her care package to France i hope it has better luck this time in finding her.

Anyway now I've bored you to death back to the reading.

Edit 3:45am Saturday morning

Just got in from Liz's as predicted party was a great hit. Went to Favorit instead of Forest had nacho's and brought Liz a cream egg. Am in middle of writing a poem from James' (lead singer of Chris, Liz's friend band) wrist band which I said had a picture of a broken heart on. Presently I'm waiting for my blanket to heat the bed up so I can sleep in comfort.

So far poem
I tore my soul along the perforated line,
Stuck in on the envelope and exchanged your half for mine,
I do not know you face yet or if you have name,
but take good care of the half of my soul you carry and take care of yours.

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I am the writing on the wall,
I am the coat hook you use everyday.
I am the cog in the machine,

You are the one who never sees,
You are the one who flips the switch,
You are the one who thinks you would never notice me gone,

I am the cement in your foundation,
I am your downfall if over looked,
But I am nothing to you until gone.

Comments, ideas, more words below please.


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