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Well I leave here in a few hours for a very long flight back to the UK I have had a fun week. I could happily stay here longer I think I would learn to adapt to the heat of the day. There is certainly a lot more of the island I have yet to explore.

Today I went shopping and to visit another temple this time the temple of Wong Tia Sin. This was another place where incense was heavy in the air to the point at parts you couldn't see the temple the air was so thick. I picked up a packet of papers and an image of Wong Tia Sin who is meant to bring good fortune to you and your family.

I also went back to watch the light show got lost and visited the botanical gardens in the dark and a mosque both eerie and beautiful.

My poor guide book is looking a little like me wilted from the heat.

Todays set of photos including a few shots from the harbour show.

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Two random photos one is where I am staying the other is one of my favourite posters on the MRT it was the first one I saw and keeps making me laugh.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Today has been very busy started at "The Peak" and ended with toast and coffee in my hotel room.

The Peak is one of the highest easily accessible points on the island. I was very lucky it was a clear day so I got a very good view all around the island from the top of the building. I spent a happy hour wandering around looking at all the exciting things up there. I spotted the perfect house just next to the rain track that runs between street level and the peak which is an almost vertical track.

After that I took myself off to Ocean Bay the local theme park with Sharks, Jelly Fish and Sea Lions mixed in with the rides. I am a great fan of jelly fish they were really well lit up in the display cabinets with changing coloured lights. Took many photos of them as the lights cycled.

The end of the day saw me at the Temple Street Market which is a weird and wonderful place full of all sorts of bargains. I spent I think about 20 pounds and bought 2 t-shirts one a ferrie red one, Liz's piece of weird tata, a new purse and two watches. All of these i got to practice my barging skills which was fun.

I forgot to post last night that I was at the show of lights on the harbour front. I intend to go back tomorrow to take more pictures from the view point of the avenue of stars.

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Today is the mid autumn celebration and the first truly sunny day of the week. I made the most of the sun to take a walk around some of the unexplored parts of both the island and the main land. I found an outside shrine and a working temple it was very different to the monastery with large incense coils hanging from the ceiling filling the air with a heavy scent to the point of over powering at points. All the coils had messages written on them asking the buddha for something. I stayed for a while to watch some of the activities. It is a very busy place so taking pictures was a little difficult as I didn't want to upset anyone praying.

Today's pictures

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Today was another wet day maybe even wetter than yesterday due to being up a mountain. I went to visit the Po Lin Monastery and Tian Tan Buddha who sits on top of Lantau Island. He is a very impressive site and the monastery was really interesting as well. I had to climb lots of steps to get to the buddha himself after taking long bus ride on some very odd roads. I was planning to take the cable car but it was out of action.

The monastery served some very good vegetertain food the speciality of the place is bean curd sheet with lemon in it, really tasty and I am getting better at using chop sticks although I had a bit of a problem picking up mushrooms.

Here a few pictures from the day.

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Today I discovered that Hong Kong central doesn't have much in the way of inside entertainment that is not shopping Kawloon does have at least two amazing museums. I spent my day in two very interesting museums on the sea front.

Here a few pictures taken so far to give you an idea of what I am looking at.
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I am here and it is currently 8:40 ish on Sunday morning I must admit travelling by air is still wonderful but long haul flights can leave you feel a little like you have been beaten over with a large pillow.

Today is a little over cast but I am hoping for better weather later in the week.

I am currently just in the arrivals area of the airport I have to sort out getting an octopus card as that seems to be the cheapest way to travel and then not getting lost as I find my way over to the hotel where I hope to dump my bag and then go exploring for a few hours just around the main bits of the islands so I get an idea how everything fits together.
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It is official I know only have one more day to go and then my holiday starts. I finished work until a week on Tuesday today although I though I was never getting out of office today.

I then have to get on a plane at some far too early time in the morning to get to London and then another plan for a 11 hours to drop me off Hong Kong Sunday at 7:15 in the morning for a 6 day adventure.

I have printed out all the important details been reminded I have been very lucky on my choice of hotel I am staying on Hong Kong Island next to Victoria Park. The address can be found on Google Maps 148 Tung Lo Wan Rd, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. It looks very swiss and has the oddest thing of a pool on the roof I am looking forward to trying out.

Once I am there I am sure I will bore you all with the details.


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