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Yes its finally all finished being typed up now I just need to put it all together. I will warn you it does jump tenses in parts. Some of it was writen on reflection while most of it was written while the events actually happened.

The Venice AdventureRead more... )

Adventure day 2Read more... )

S. Nicolo de TolentionRead more... )

Frari and Film setsRead more... )

Stopping for breathRead more... )

Sunday in VeniceRead more... )

The Aventure dayRead more... )

The last day of VeniceRead more... )

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Still not the blog but a movie Patrick is very kindly hosting.


two things about posting it - firstly its big (3.7mb) and that it's really broadband only at that size. It may not be there long as bandwidth restrictions may mean Patrick have to pull it.
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Will post the written bit of the blog tomorrow but first the photo album. The full album is here

But a few highlights below
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I'm off home again tomorrow and expect the big blog of the holiday over the weekend.

If any of you know can you let me whether the floods on Sunday were a big event. It felt massive and most places still seem to be cleaning up two days later. I have a sweet story about the cleaning lady who loaned me her boots from then.

I've had a blast here and taken so many pictures. I'm not going to post them all just the highlights.


Oct. 30th, 2004 08:37 pm
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Just a brief pitstop

Venice is full of water as you all expected.

Saw Heath Ledger yesterday they were filming the end scenes from Walt Disneys Casanova in front of my so far favourite building "Saulte".

Done many other fun things as well will update when I get back.


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